Mantis VC is a partnership between Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, otherwise known as The Chainsmokers, and experienced Venture Capital professionals and entrepreneurs Milan Koch and Jeffrey Evans that invests opportunistically in early stage technology enabled startups.

Upon launching Mantis, we set out to prove to the world that we were going to be much more than just another celebrity fund. Our focus was on building an immediately recognized and respected generational fund. We knew that our path to success would be paved by unsurpassed hustle and exceptional results. As a team of curious, life-long learners who range from founders to finance professionals, we are all in relentless pursuit of epic outcomes. Core to our success is a set of broad, deep and enduring relationships. The extended Mantis family includes Tier-1 venture firms with whom we hold symbiotic relationships and our cadre of partners who are leaders and influencers in their respective industries inclusive of tech, media, entertainment and finance. We fully commit ourselves to every founder. We are not just founder friendly; we are founder obsessed. The transaction itself signals the beginning, not the end of our relationship. That is when the real work starts, and we welcome the opportunity to prove our value, share our experiences and perspectives and learn from our founders.


Social capital is what actually creates market demand, rapidly expands a brand, and draws others in. Mantis exudes social capital. This, combined with our focus on experience, perspective, relationships and tenacity, is the core of Mantis. Through our 100+ investments, we’ve listened to and worked with many unique and diverse founders. Companies launched in today’s environment need the Avengers on their cap table – people with different backgrounds, experiences, skills and perspectives, to help build the companies that define the next generation. Our unique skills are filling an increasingly important space in the VC-founder world that we expect will continue to become more and more essential.

Mantis will continue to be best-in-class in terms of supporting success for our founders, delivering returns for our partners and building a sustainable, virtuous network that in turn helps build leading companies.

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